What Are The Most Important Areas of Your Life!

In 2000 my son and I developed the above formula for building success and financial freedom.  This formula (as explained later), has been a major factor in our present financial situation.
In 2008, we conducted a careful review of our formula as decided to make some changes.  These changes were the result of what we have come to realize as the most important things in our lives, which may not necessary be the same for you.  The revisions that we made are as follows:
RT + RP + RT + RP + RV + RA + 66 = WRW2
It all begins with the following:

Right Thinking + Right Product + Right Timing 
+ Right Positioning + Right Vehicle + Right Actions + 66
We have since perfected and proven the effectiveness of our revised formula and are now ready to share it with you!  Yes, you truly can lean to be successful in ALL areas of life:

"the Colonel" 

Carlton Dowdy, US Army, (Ret.)

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PS:  Before you learned how to walk, you could not walk.  Before you learned how to talk, you could not talk.  Before you learned how to ride a bicycle you could not ride one.
Before Becoming Successful In Any Area of Life Begins With How-U-Think!